Self Help

As a good Open Soure citizen, the best place to start looking for help is yourself.  Please read the documentation.  If you have specific questions, check the FAQ to see if it may already have been answered.  Web search engines such as Google or Yahoo! are also great (and often over-looked) self-help resources.  

Community Help

Both the the user forums is place e community members hang out and help one another.  We welcome everyone to come participate, though we do ask that you be curteous and respectful.  Keep in mind that any help and response you get here is coming from other community members just like yourself who are volunteeering their time and effort to try to help you.

Bear in mind that these are community support channels, not commercial support.  If you have requirements for well-defined SLAs and such, these channels are not the place for you.

Some things to keep in mind when asking for community help:

  • Try resolving the problem yourself.  As mentioned above, this is just considered part of being a good citizen of the Open Source community
  • If you are experiencing unexpected behavior, isolate the problem yourself.  Asking community members to to sift though hundreds of mapping files is not going to make you popular member :)
  • Be detailed.  In IRC, be sure to you a pastebin facility rather than just pasting huge text.  In the forums, be sure to use the text formatting facilities.
  • This was said above, but bears repeating.  Don't be insulting.  You want an answer to your problem, right? Insulting people is a really bad way to get it.