JBoss Wiki

We're creating a wiki for the JBoss Labs infrastructure. Rather than keeping this to ourselves, we're separating out our wiki efforts into a self contained Wiki portlet based on JSPWiki. We'll be adding and removing a bunch of functionality in JSPWiki, so now is the time for you to suggest functionality that you would like to see.

The current feature set of JBoss Wiki is:

  • Full support of the JBoss Portal 2.7.x security constructs to allow users and roles to be associated with editing and display of wiki pages and attachments within the context of a JSR 168 compliant portal.
  • Full support of wiki page histories and rollback.
  • An integrated DIFF tool.
  • A Plugin framework which allows different wiki types to be defined and associated with different plugin stacks which add contextual content to wiki pages or do translations.
  • Full support for attachments (attachment histories are pending).
  • Currently supports the JSPWiki wikitext syntax.
  • Includes a prototype search engine.
  • Simple URL support even while running within JBoss Portal so users can access wikipages by the URL pattern:


  • Mulitilanguage support
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • Email notifications

The JBoss Wiki Developers are:

  • Piergiorgio Lucidi, JBoss Wiki Lead, p.lucidi@sourcesense.com
  • Damon Sicore, JBoss Labs Lead, dsicore@jboss.org
  • Tomek Szymanski, JBoss Developer, tomasz.szymanski@jboss.org
  • Rali Genova, Community Developer, rali.genova@jboss.org
  • Adam Warski, JBoss Developer, adam.warski@jboss.org

JBoss Wiki

JBoss Wiki developer's blog
JBoss Wiki 1.0 released
Jan 3, 2009 3:23 PM by noreply@blogger.com (Piergiorgio Lucidi)
We have released the first version of the JBoss Wiki project.

Now JBoss Wiki can be deployed on the latest version of JBoss Portal (2.6.x and 2.7.x).
After a long period in beta now finally we can improve this project with all the features of the new JBoss Portal.

This release is based on the first migration of JBoss Wiki and the first complete porting of the source code from Maven 1 to Maven 2 project.
JBoss Wiki Beta2 released
Jul 12, 2006 5:06 PM by noreply@blogger.com (Piergiorgio Lucidi)
We've released today JBoss Wiki Beta2. It has number of bugfixes, new features and works with Portal 2.2. Downloads (both binaries and sources) are available here: http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbosswiki/downloads Enjoy ! Remember to read this page before installing it: http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/InstallingJBossWiki Release Notes - JBoss Wiki - Version 1.0 beta2

* [JBWIKI-78] - Fix not working utf-8 in JBPortal 2.2
* [JBWIKI-82] - Fix attaching files under MS Windows
* [JBWIKI-88] - RDF Feed in JBoss Wiki Broken in Labs 1.1

Feature Request

* [JBWIKI-3] - Give Roles Abilities to Make Page Editable or Not
* [JBWIKI-7] - Multilanguage support
* [JBWIKI-18] - Spell Check Plugin
* [JBWIKI-19] - Support WikiPage Metadata
* [JBWIKI-22] - WikiPage Diff Tool
* [JBWIKI-23] - View List of Versions of a WikiPage
* [JBWIKI-70] - Create IndexPlugin inside plugin
* [JBWIKI-71] - InsidePlugins: make it compatible with JSPWiki inside plugins
* [JBWIKI-72] - write all build-in jspwiki plugins
* [JBWIKI-73] - Temp and permanent variables for wikipages
* [JBWIKI-79] - Create plugin for linking pages
* [JBWIKI-81] - backport current changes to portal 2.0
* [JBWIKI-86] - Allow page names to contain UTF8 chars
* [JBWIKI-87] - Add MDB for email notifications
* [JBWIKI-92] - Propare binaries and source for beta2


* [JBWIKI-49] - Image Links Border=0 Please
* [JBWIKI-69] - Update the jboss.com wiki test content, again
* [JBWIKI-75] - Port JBoss Wiki to Portal 2.2
JBoss Wiki Beta2 for Portal 2.4 downloads available
Jul 12, 2006 4:56 PM by noreply@blogger.com (Piergiorgio Lucidi)
I've added new files of JBoss Wiki Beta2 for JBoss Portal 2.4.
They can be found here: JBoss Wiki downloads

Use them wisely :-)

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JBoss Wiki Contributors

Project Lead: Piergiorgio Lucidi


Piergiorgio works on portals and ECM integrations. He is the primary developer of JBoss Wiki and he contributes also  to other JBoss Labs projects.

Retired Project Lead: Tomek Szymanski


Now attending Warsaw Technical University and graduating with an engineering and Master degree in 2007, Tomek is the primary developer of JBoss Wiki and continues to contr ibute to the core JBoss Labs initiative.

Retired Project Lead: Damon Sicore


After spending over ten years finding a way to get paid to write open source software, Damon has found his home at JBoss Labs as Lead. Damon offers sacrificial animals and children daily in order to continue the efforts of JBoss Labs.

Developer: Adam Warski


Adam is a student of computer science at the University of Warsaw (Poland), currently in his fourth year. Adam joined JBoss as one of the first interns at JBoss. He has been with the Labs initiative since its beginning.

Developer: Rali Genova


A junior in the Computer Science Department of the University of Texas at Austin. Rali is an international student from Bulgaria and she came to the United States in August 2003 to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science. Rali is our most active community developer.